Types of ornamental plants and decoration with this species?

Types of ornamental plants and decoration with this species?

 Find out what ornamental plants are and what the main types are for decorating your home.

Currently, a new trend of plants and flowers has been gaining ground in home decor, the species of ornamental plants.

From the field directly to homes, this type of plant is highly appreciated not only for the beauty of its foliage but also for the many health benefits of those who grow it. We know that gardening is considered therapeutic , and growing these plant species is no different.

Learn more about the types of ornamental plants, decoration with this species and the various advantages of growing them at home in this article.

What are ornamental plants

Ornamental plants are those that are cultivated due to various physical attributes such as foliage, stem appearance, flowering and beauty, for decorative purposes. Due to these characteristics they are widely used for decoration and landscaping projects both as species to be grown indoors and also for outdoor areas.

Types of ornamental plants

Among the plants that are trending on Instagram precisely because of their decorative appearance, there are several species. Get to know some of the main ones and learn how to grow ornamental plants.


One of the main species of ornamental plants is Raffia, as it is very versatile in decoration and easy to grow since it does not need much light in its cultivation. It can reach up to 3 meters in height, but anyone who thinks it is suitable only for external environments is mistaken. Species with a smaller size fit very well in living rooms.


It is impossible to talk about decorating with ornamental plants without mentioning the fern. To develop well, this plant species needs daily watering and moderate light. Its size can vary, reaching a height of one meter. 

It composes very well an environment such as a living room with great elegance and still has the advantage of purifying the air!


Types of ornamental plants and decoration with this species?

Increasingly popular and present in different environments, succulents are versatile plants, easy to care for and that add a lot to any decor!

Decorating with succulent ornamental plants goes very well in kitchens, living rooms and even offices. This type of plant usually only requires watering once a week, as well as receiving direct light and the presence of flowers will depend on the species.


Jasmine is also a flowering plant. It likes warmer places but it should be grown in half shade, being ideal for staying in rooms since, with its relaxing aroma, it is among the species of plants that can improve the quality of sleep .

Benefits of ornamental plants

Now that we've told you how to grow ornamental plants at home and which are the main types used in home decor, we can't leave out the health benefits of these species. 

Research indicates that pollution from indoor environments can be greater than from outdoor environments , and this is where ornamental plants can help with health. They act as filters and even natural soothing!

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