Tips on planting a tree


Tips on planting a tree

Whether to contribute to the environment or to create a space inspired by landscaping trends , many people seek to know how to plant a tree.

In addition to the beauty they provide to any landscape, trees bring great health benefits, as they can absorb carbon dioxide and release a lot of oxygen.

If you want to know how to plant trees the right way, keep reading this article to find out!

Tips on planting a tree

Planting a tree is easier than you think and in addition to helping the environment and consequently your health, it contributes to stunning landscapes even in external or internal areas of a house.

Check out the step-by-step guide on how to plant a tree now so you can easily repeat this process.

  1. seedling choice
Tips on planting a tree

In order for you to learn how to plant a tree, you need to start the process in the right way and be assertive in choosing the seedling for the location.

Take into account factors such as:

  • Final tree size
  • planting site 
  • climate of the region 

For planting on sidewalks, it is necessary to think of trees that do not have aggressive roots and, of course, respect the guidelines for afforestation in urban areas of each municipality

2.Check the best time of year 

Did you know that there is an ideal time to plant trees? That's right, it is advisable to plant the seedlings at the end of the dry and cold times, called the dormant period.

By planting trees during these periods, the plant has the possibility to adapt to the location and grow in a much healthier way.

3.Prepare the planting cradle  

Tips on planting a tree

Once the correct location and time have been chosen, the next step in the step-by-step guide on how to plant a tree is to start planting.

For this, it is necessary to prepare the cradle or planting hole, digging a hole larger than the seedling's clod. In general, for planting trees, pits at least 60 cm wide and deep are recommended. However, the greater this opening, the better development of the roots and consequently of the new seedling.

If the soil is very clayey, it is advisable to add new substrate. 

4.fertilize the land 

Tips on planting a tree

Before planting the tree, separate a part of the land to fertilize. The ideal for full development of roots are fertilizers rich in organic matter and elements such as potassium and phosphorus as well as manure.

You can even make your own compost at home ! 

5.plant the seedling

Did you understand the step by step on how to plant a tree up to here? Now comes the final part. Place a portion of the fertilized earth at the bottom of the hole. Remove the plastic or packaging that surrounds the seedling clod and place it in the hole, being careful not to hurt the roots. 

After that, it is necessary to fill the spaces between the clod and the hole with fertilizer and fertilized soil that was bought or prepared at home, always remembering to compact the earth so as not to leave large spaces of air.

It is indicated to place a tutor (stakes) to help the young tree stand upright, growing its trunk vertically. 

Water the tree according to the chosen species as some need less water than others. However, in the first days after planting, it is important to water more frequently and regularly, for better adaptation of the seedling.

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