Tips for having a blooming garden all year round

Tips for having a blooming garden all year round

 Meet plant species that bloom in different seasons and have a flower garden all year round.

One of the main characteristics of a garden is the flowers that make it colorful, but for that to happen, you need to be very careful, as some species only bloom in certain seasons of the year. Therefore, if you want to know how to have a flower garden all year round, you need to choose the right species.

Species to have a blooming garden for longer

There are some species that remain flowering for much longer, allowing a garden full of color and life even throughout the year. Check out what they are:


Begonias like warm weather but adapt easily to other seasons as long as they are well cared for. To ensure this lasting effect, they should be planted annually in soil rich in organic matter, always one week after the last winter frost period. In addition, they must be watered regularly!

Its flowers can be white, pink or red and bring a very colorful look in contrast to its foliage, which can take on reddish tones in addition to bright green.


Tips for having a blooming garden all year round

One more plant to have a flower garden all year round is the fragrant lavender.

Lavender is an ornamental plant that is very tolerant of all temperatures and likes the sun! Your rules should be daily at first and then move up to even once a week.

This flower is one of the best species to have a flower garden all year round! 

shameless mary 

This flower has reddish-orange, white, red, pink and several other colors, which guarantees a very colorful garden.

In addition to being very beautiful, this species lives up to its name and is not ashamed of anything because it develops very well both in full sun and in partial shade, always in fertile and humid soil. 

Tips for having a blooming garden all year round 

In addition to betting on flowers that remain in bloom for longer and adapt well to different seasons, you can still follow another technique and have a very colorful and lively garden all year round.

All you have to do is plan a garden where every corner is filled with a plant that blooms in every season of the year.

Plants that bloom in different seasons

In the hottest season of the year, the plants and trees that bloom are Extremosa with exuberant flowers ranging from white to purple and hot pink.

Another very flowery and colorful species is the Flamboi√£, ideal for slightly larger gardens.

The species to have a flowering garden in autumn are the spathode, Chinese trumpet and lion's mouth. All have vivid and exuberant colors that adapt well to the autumn climate.

Some of the main plants that bloom in winter are the Ip√™, mimosa acacia, azaleas and pansy! 

And finally, in spring, the flowering season, there are several species that produce colors for the garden, such as jasmine, pata de vaca and gardenias. 

Planting fruit trees are also an excellent option to keep the garden colorful and filled with delicious fruits.

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