Steps for the elaboration of a landscape project

Steps for the elaboration of a landscape project

 Wanting to design a garden space in your home? Check out how to design a landscaping project and get inspired to create stunning environments in your home

Only those interested in landscaping know how much a well-designed project can contribute to creating incredible spaces, even in small houses; but the great challenge for most people who want to create such an environment is to identify what are the steps for the elaboration of a landscaping project.

It is important not to confuse landscaping with gardening, since in the latter the main objective is the cultivation of plants, as well as the maintenance of the garden. Landscaping is the art and technique of creating green areas and gardens, taking into account several factors. In a landscaping project, concern goes beyond aesthetics.

In landscaping, the main objective is to create spaces that, in addition to being aesthetically beautiful, are functional and promote harmony between the decoration and nature, so that you have that feeling of being close to the environment inside the house. 

Therefore, for a complete project, it is recommended to consult a professional in the area.

Stages of landscape design

Steps for the elaboration of a landscape project

If you follow the news and trends in landscaping , you know that there are many beautiful things to enjoy even in small spaces.

In a landscaping project of any size, both in large and small environments, or even in external and internal areas, it is necessary to analyze some aspects.

  1. – Survey of needs and preferences

Steps for the elaboration of a landscape project

Before understanding how to set up a landscaping project, you need to know exactly what you want for the environment. It is important to define what you intend to do, what type of garden and what function this space will have.

To do this, look for references in existing projects and specific media on the subject.

In a landscaping project, it is allowed to have plants and flowers in the space as well as combine with elements such as furniture, waterfalls, fountains and whatever else creativity suggests.

 Here are some inspiring landscaping ideas :

  • Garden with lighting
  • outdoor garden furniture
  • vertical garden
  • Hanging garden
  • gravel path
  • wood panel

2- Site survey

After having an idea of ​​what you would like to have in the environment, you need to do an analysis of the space you have available in the house, to see if what you thought can really be applied. It is important to survey the area in general, such as the total size of the space, climate, soil type, luminosity, etc.  

It is necessary to define whether the structure of the site will need to be changed or will require construction. As well as whether vases and cachepots will be needed to compose the garden. 

3 – Choice of the necessary elements 

In the step by step of a landscaping project, after defining what will be done in the area, it is necessary to choose the necessary elements for the creation of the analyzed environment.

It is necessary to choose plants and flowers that can be grown at home ; one of the tips on how to set up a residential landscaping project is to bet on wild species that do well in any soil, such as roses, begonias, São Jorge sword, marigolds, cacti, succulents and herbs for spices . Always taking into account the characteristics of the place for the correct choice of plants. Knowing the development of the chosen plants is also essential, especially when composing and choosing the other species for the garden. 

And one of the main steps for the elaboration of a landscape project is to consider the use of all the elements that will be added to the space so that the environment is as functional as possible. It is also important to take into account the time available for garden maintenance and plant care. 

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