Species of medicinal plants to have at home


Species of medicinal plants to have at home

There are several herbs that help with health problems that can be grown indoors. Know which are the main species.

Did you know that gardening can be beneficial to health ? That's right, relaxing activity helps mental health as well as some types of medicinal plants contribute to physical well being! That is, there is no reason not to have a garden indoors, since in addition to decorating the environment, this space also has other functions!

There are several herbs that help with health problems and in this post we will introduce you to the main ones that can be easily grown indoors.

Plants that help health

It is important to note that plants that help health should not be used as the main treatment, especially when there are no medical recommendations for this. There are plants that do have proven therapeutic properties and promote a feeling of relaxation, calmness and even help in the disappearance of some symptoms, but medical treatment should always be a priority.

Therefore, when used wisely and combined with proper medical treatment, some types of medicinal plants perform “miracles”. Some of the main species are:


Boldo is one of the most famous types of medicinal plants, as variations of this species can provide benefits for the liver, stomach and even help in cases of indigestion and gas.

To have this species at home, choose the ideal vase that must be large and water every two or three days. Boldo needs to receive direct sunlight for a few hours to develop well.

To enjoy its benefits, knead some leaves and place in water at room temperature. Let the mixture rest for 20 minutes and drink after that time.


A little peppermint tea besides being tasty is extremely beneficial for health. This herb is one of the health-supporting plants and can be easily grown at home as it is very resistant to different temperatures.

Mint is recommended as a natural tranquilizer and to relieve stomach pain, gas and nausea. In addition, the aroma of the plant is great for decongesting the airways.

aloe vera

Species of medicinal plants to have at home

Commonly known as aloe vera, this is one of the species of medicinal plants to have at home , as it helps for both aesthetic and health purposes. It is indicated in the treatment of burns due to its healing and anti-inflammatory properties.


In addition to being excellent if also used in cooking, rosemary is also one of the plants that help health. Tea from this herb has anti-inflammatory action and improves digestion. In addition, rosemary has properties capable of increasing attention and even cheer.


Fennel has calming properties and helps relieve stomach aches. Also, a warm tea of ​​this herb is highly recommended to relieve colic. 

Home garden with medicinal plants

Species of medicinal plants to have at home

Having a herb garden at home, in addition to being beneficial for your physical and mental health, is interesting as a cozy decoration space for the home. 

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