Most used types of fertilizers


Most used types of fertilizers

Among the essential items for a good cultivation of gardens and plantations is the fertilizer, which is responsible for the development and longevity of the plants. But how do you know which fertilizer is ideal for each type of plantation?

Brazil is a powerhouse in agribusiness and this is partly due to the excellent fertilization of plantations, and although most of these fertilizers are imported, their correct use gives the country prominence in this regard. 

There are several types of fertilizers available, but knowing where and when to use each one of them is essential to achieve healthy and robust plantations.

To help you understand this process, we separate some information that will help you understand which fertilizer is best for your plant. Keep reading this article and check it out!

Existing types of fertilizers

According to the legislation of the country, fertilizers can be classified into 3 main types, namely:

1. Minerals or synthetics

They are most used in so-called large-scale agriculture, not recommended for small and home gardens, for example. This type of fertilizer is more concentrated and quickly assimilated by plants.

2. Organic fertilizers

Another category is organic fertilizers that are of plant and/or animal origin. It has a lower concentration of nutrients and therefore the assimilation process of plants can be slower. The main function is to feed the soil as well as increase its organic matter.

3. Organomineral fertilizers

This is one of the most used types of fertilizers since its composition is a mixture of mineral or synthetic fertilizers with organic ones.

Generally, its composition has smaller amounts of mineral fertilizers and a higher concentration of organic fertilizers.

Fertilizers can be further classified by their physical state, being powder, bran, granules or liquid. This last option is growing more and more in Brazil and showing itself as one of the best types of fertilizers currently available.

What is the ideal fertilizer for each type of plantation?

As briefly mentioned above, if you want to know the best fertilizer for your plant, you must determine the size of your plantation and the expected result.

If you have a small garden indoors or even a homemade vegetable garden , it is recommended to use organic fertilizer, because despite having a lower concentration of nutrients, it helps in soil fertilization and enhances the retention of mineral and synthetic nutrients in the long term. .

The issue of the low amount of nutrients can be resolved by mixing small doses of phosphorus with the fertilizer, which helps to fix the nitrogen necessary for plant growth.

If you want to know how to fertilize your plantation that has a larger size, it is worth investing in fertilizers and mineral and synthetic fertilizers, as the plant will recognize it faster and the result will not require much waiting.

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