Main plants that bloom in winter

Main plants that bloom in winter

Currently, people are increasingly valuing comfort in their homes, and it is in this scenario that ornamental plants come in, which are a real decoration trend for this year 2023 . To color the gardens, flowering species are preferred, and those who think that the flowers only open in spring are mistaken. There are several species that bloom precisely in winter.

Best plants to grow in the garden in winter

In winter, in addition to the decrease in temperature and luminosity, there is a general reduction in humidity, mainly in the south and southeast of the country. 

Many species go into dormancy during this season, reducing their growth and flowering. However, there are other plants that are encouraged to bloom exactly at this time. Some even completely lose their leaves and bloom magnificently. 

Here are some of the ideal plants for the winter garden.

  1. ipês 

Ipês are native trees that, depending on the species, bloom from early winter to mid-spring. They are deciduous plants, that is, they lose their leaves in late autumn and early winter, flowering profusely afterwards. There are several ipês with yellow, purple, pink and white flowers. The yellow ipe is the symbol tree of Brazil. Its botanical name is Handroanthus serratifolius .

Main plants that bloom in winter

  1. cherry trees 

Known for reaching their splendor precisely in winter, cherry trees are great options to have the splendor of flowers in the garden in winter and bring color to your home. Being a medium-sized tree, it needs ample space to be cultivated. Very used also in afforestation and urbanism. Its botanical name is Prunus serrulata.

Main plants that bloom in winter


3. Camellia

Camellia is a shrub native to Japan and China, which adapts well to Brazilian subtropical climates. Known for being a plant from grandma's time, which in fact are those plants from the past that came back into fashion and fell in people's taste again, camellias are easy to grow, require only a few hours of sun, potassium-rich fertilizer and moderate watering. Among the most cultivated varieties, those with white, pink and bicolor flowers are preferred. Its botanical name is Camellia japonica . 

Main plants that bloom in winter

4. Azalea

The azalea is a bushy plant widely cultivated in landscaping, mainly in southern and southeastern Brazil. Great option for forming rows, hedges and low hedges in gardens. It has white, pink, purple and red flowers. They are not demanding in terms of care, and can be grown in common garden soil and in the sun. One tip is to water moderately during the winter, to encourage a more exuberant flowering. Its botanical name is Rhododendron simsii. 

Main plants that bloom in winter

5. Jasmine of the Poets 

The poets' jasmine is a climbing plant with foliage and ornamental flowers. Native to China, it has moderate growth and needs to be supported by fences, porticoes or pergolas. The flower buds are pink but the flowers open white and fragrant. Its botanical name is Jasminum polyanthum.

Main plants that bloom in winter

6. Mountain Snow

The mountain snow is also known as the old man's hair, it is a shrub with a round crown that blooms abundantly in winter. Its flowers are small and aromatic, with a perfume that smells like honey. Be careful with handling as it has toxic sap. Likes full sun and mild temperatures. Its botanical name is Euphorbia leucocephala. 


Main plants that bloom in winter

7. Calanchoe 

Widely used for pots and gardens, Calanchoes can even be grown indoors after their flowers are open. They like sandy soil and moderate watering. After flowering, cut the floral stems and place the seedlings in a place with direct sun for better development. Calanchoes as well as succulents and cacti are among the main plant species that are in fashion .
Main plants that bloom in winter

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