Landscaping trends for 2023 seasons


Landscaping trends for 2023 seasons

That landscaping is a decoration trend everyone already knows. More and more people are looking for professionals to transform a simple environment in their home into a landscape with a stunning look. Trends for this type of decoration do not stop emerging, but do you already know which landscaping projects for 2023 are on the rise? 

To find out the answer to this question, follow this article until the end, in it we at Tirol Plantas , a company specializing in landscaping, will discuss what are the landscaping trends for the 2023 seasons.

Winter and autumn landscaping trends

Nature and sustainable issues are increasingly present in human life and it is on this theme that trends are based for the creation of landscape projects for 2023.

The emphasis of these projects is on the protection and enhancement of nature and resorts to green as a way to bring a better quality of life at a time when urbanization is growing rapidly.

urban jungle

Landscaping trends for 2023 seasons

One of the landscaping trends in autumn and winter is based on the urban jungle concept , which is the cultivation of many plants indoors, it is composed of vases, wooden crates, shelves, bricks and plants of the most varied types and sizes.

This type of decoration aims to bring a bit of nature to urban homes, and this practice contributes to both the mental and physical health of the resident, as it provides a sense of well-being and warmth. 


Landscaping trends for 2023 seasons

Another of the winter landscaping trends is the cultivation of so-called xerophytic species , which are those that require little water in addition to being plants that are highly resistant to climate issues and are therefore ideal for growing in the coming winter and autumn. in 2023.

Some examples of xerophytic plants are cactus, succulents, cow's paw, aloe, among others.

Garden with room extension 

Landscaping trends for 2023 seasons

Another in the ranking of landscaping projects for 2023 is the garden as an extension of rooms like the living room, for example.

Seasons like winter and autumn call for coziness indoors where you can find a more pleasant environment with warm temperatures. Nothing better than doing this contemplating a beautiful look inside your living room! 

The gardens as an extension of rooms make the environment even more welcoming for residents who seek the warmth of their home in colder seasons.

Hot colors 

Landscaping trends for 2023 seasonsLandscaping trends for 2023 seasons

Mixing colors to the project is one of the valuable landscaping tips in 2023! 

According to the psychology of colors , warm tones give the feeling of an environment that is also more cozy and warm in the cold of the icy seasons! In addition, the look of the environment has a special touch of sophistication and elegance! 

home gardens 

Landscaping trends for 2023 seasons

Do you want to prepare a tea to help warm up with species of herbs from your own cultivation? Create a vegetable garden combined with a landscaping project even inside your home! 

Even small apartments can have vegetable gardens, where you can grow herbs, spices and plants for your own consumption!

In addition to giving a special touch to home decor, vegetable gardens help purify the air and perfume the whole environment! 

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