Is it possible to increase the water pressure with a hose nozzle?

 Maybe you've already heard promises like: "change the hose squirt that will improve your water pressure!" or even “change the hose gun that improves your pressure!”

Well, these are phrases we hear a lot, right?

But what you really need to ask yourself is, what kind of solution do I need the nozzle to bring me? Do I have a backyard? A garden? A vegetable garden? Is it just to wash my car?…After answering these questions, we list some types of nozzles.

Is it possible to increase the water pressure with a hose nozzle?

How should I choose the hose nozzle?

The first news is that when choosing the nozzle, remember that it serves to control the pressure that already exists , and improve the performance of the gun depending on the place where you are going to use it, the nozzle will adjust the pressure that your water already has.

Hose nozzle models and uses

plastic quick coupler

The plastic quick coupling for hoses is the ideal material, especially for those who live or work near the coast, because this type of material does not rust and will guarantee much more versatility.

This piece allows you to connect two hoses together, and it saves you time because you don't have to thread the hose onto the faucet. Here are some features of the quick hitch:

  • Used in the water inlet and/or outlet of the hose.
  • Connection by threaded fixing system to the hose.
  • Click type connection to the irrigation accessories, through 2 claws.
  • It connects the system with the water network and with the outlet points.

Plastic pistol for multi-purpose quick coupling

Perfect for gardening or home garden maintenance, this type of nozzle (pistol) is made of plastic and has 10 different types of water jets.

It has a lock and water flow regulation in the hand, making use more practical. It has an anatomical and rubberized handle. Check out the 10 types of water jet available in this pistol:

  1. concentrated jet (full)
  2. jet shower (shower)
  3. scattered jet (scatter)
  4. conical jet (cone)
  5. multiple jet (quincunx)
  6. directed jet (jet)
  7. center jet
  8. mist jet (mist)
  9. horizontal fan jet (flat)
  10. vertical fan jet (vertical).

Plastic quick connect nozzle with adjustable jet

If you need ease when washing your sidewalk, Tramontina's quick-release nozzle with adjustable jet is perfect. House services will be carried out without unnecessary expenses.

  • It has a practical water flow regulation system through the frontal regulator.
  • The nozzle is connected to 1/2″, 5/8″ and 3/4″ hoses through a quick coupling system.

Sprinkler-type plastic quick-connect sprinkler.

Perfect for irrigating the little plants in your garden, it has water regulation and cutoff, not allowing water to be wasted during use.

This is a more traditional nozzle model made of steel or plastic, it is ideal for domestic use, and unlike the quick coupling, it must be attached to the hose with clamps.

jet garden nozzle

This squirt model is ideal for washing cars, floors, walls and hard-to-reach places. 

revolver type nozzle

More traditional model, this nozzle must be attached to the hose with a clamp, as it is plastic, it does not rust.

It opens and closes by turning the nozzle, it has two ways of using it, one of them is the straight jet and the other a drizzle type jet.

Is it possible to increase the water pressure with a hose nozzle?

How do I increase the water pressure in my home or business or even in my apartment?

It's possible to have those results that people say about increasing pressure, yes, but it's not the nozzles that do that.

Unfortunately this is a big rumor and I will explain to you what really happens in the market and can help to improve the pressure. The answer is called a pressurizer.

You may not have identified yourself with these situations, but if you've come this far, you probably know the pain of those who need the power of water to be stronger.

But don't worry, many people go through this daily, several of them have already discovered the miracle of the water pressurizer.

The pressurizer is the guaranteed way to boost your water

Few people know about this equipment, so they spend years getting frustrated and believing that there is no solution to the water tank problem, they are surprised when I say that there is an extraordinary solution and that it solves quickly.

It is a device capable of improving the pressure of your shower, faucet, hose and even capable of filling the toilet bowl more quickly.

Let me explain to you in an uncomplicated way how it works.

It works like a pump, increasing the force with which the water comes out of the plumbing. It is essential for houses or apartments with old or smaller plumbing, or for places where the height of the water tank does not provide the necessary force for the water to come out with power.

How to choose the ideal pressurizer for you?

There are two types of pressurizers and one of them will solve your water pressure problem.

PRESSURE STATO: This pressurizer works by automatically activating whenever the water pressure is low, thus increasing it throughout the house. It is always on and providing the necessary water supply.

And a secret for you, for it to work at maximum capacity, don't forget to install it at the water tank outlet.

Some models have a manual switch, so you're in control of when you want it to stay on.

FLOWSTAT: The pressurizer with flowstat solves the problem in specific places as if it were magic, that is, if what frustrates you is the power of your shower, it will solve it. Can be used on faucets and other places where you need a stronger jet of water.

A tip about this type, check if there is a special pressurizer for your shower, some brands may offer this.

8 Things They Don't Tell You About Boosters

  1. The pressurizer must not be left in the rain.

  2. If you have a gas heater system then check first if the pressurizer is compatible.

  3. If you want to save energy and need something localized, then look for the one with FLUXOSTATO.

  4. Some showers already come with this equipment, so check before buying one so you don't waste money.

  5. If the water comes from the bottom up, the solution for you is the one with PRESSURE SWITCH.

  6. The one with the FLOW SWITCH only works well when the water comes from the top down.

  7. Stainless steel pressurizers are more durable.

  8. If you are concerned about noise, there are systems that are adapted for this.

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