Indoor plants: 5 species to decorate your home!

Indoor plants: 5 species to decorate your home!

 Having nature very close to us brings that feeling of warmth and tranquility, doesn't it? That is why the habit of growing plants for the house has grown more and more and green has become much more present in indoor environments, and is now an incredible complement to decoration.

Thinking about it, we are going to share with you throughout this post some tips on how to grow plants indoors and also the best species for indoor environments. Stay with us to check it out!

How to grow plants indoors?

There is no doubt that bringing plants indoors helps create a livelier, happier and even healthier environment. Several species can contribute to air purification for moisture, for example.

The benefits are unquestionable, but it is important to remember that indoor plants require specific care according to the chosen species: pruning, watering, growing space and weather conditions must be considered when choosing. That's why it's important to evaluate the type of environment in which you intend to leave this new plant. 

If you don't have much space at home, you can opt for a vertical garden or hanging plants like the boa constrictor. There are many species of plants for indoor environments perfect to make your home even more beautiful!

The best indoor plants

garden in an apartment or office , in large or small spaces: no matter the conditions, you can indeed find a perfect plant to bring more life to environments. Just look for the best species according to the space and of course, with your personal taste.

To help you choose, we have listed 5 houseplants that will make any environment much more cozy and charming:

1. Cacti and succulents

You must already know these, right? Cacti and succulents have become great darlings when it comes to indoor plants, precisely because they do so well in these more closed spaces.

These species are very resistant and very easy to care for, so they are ideal for those who don't have much time. You can choose between different sizes, colors and formats, and the greatest care will be with watering: wet only the earth and not the flowers.

2. Boa constrictor

The boa can be used as a pending plant, so it's a great option for apartments or smaller environments. Its leaves are beautiful and the stems can reach two meters in length: an excellent addition to your decor.

3. Sword of Saint George

The Sword of Saint George is also well known and is one of the best plants for indoors, as it is very resistant and adapts very well to environments, in addition to being easy to care for.

4. Lucky Bamboo

Lucky Bamboo is known to attract good energies and has incredible beauty. This is one of the perfect home indoor plants for those who don't have much time to deal with gardening and want an elegant addition to their decor.

4. Fern

Fern is a classic, but it never loses its elegance, does it? It is very well known when we talk about houseplants and it is no wonder: it adapts to the most varied environments and care for it is simple, in addition to being very resistant.

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