How to use expanded clay in potted plants

How to use expanded clay in potted plants

What is expanded clay?

With some materials, a lot of dedication and certain strategies, it is possible to keep the green area of ​​your home always alive. One of these strategies is the use of expanded clay.

Its production derives from natural clay burned in a rotary kiln at high temperatures that, at the end of the process, form small balls. During the firing process, the released gases cause the clay to expand forming a very resistant outer shell but leaving the center still porous.

What is the expanded clay in the vase for

How to use expanded clay in potted plants

Knowing what it is, you must still be wondering what the expanded clay in the vase is for. It is an excellent material for providing essential plant nutrients as well as helping to retain moisture in the soil which aids in healthy plant development and growth.

In addition to this nutritional value, expanded clay also has a decorative purpose. In other words, the cost-effectiveness of this substrate, which not only assists in plant conservation but also decorates vases or gardens in open spaces, is excellent!

Benefits of using expanded clay on your plants

There are several reasons why you should opt for expanded clay when growing your plants, some of the main ones are:

  • It is a light substrate (excellent to be used in vertical gardens for exactly this reason)
  • It's versatile
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Helps retain nutrients in the soil
  • Absorbs excess water leaving the plant with the exact amount for its development
  • Helps with soil drainage
  • Provides thermal insulation for the roots
  • Provides the necessary space for root growth

The benefits of using this substrate in different types of planting are countless. But after all, how to use expanded clay in plant pots? For drainage purposes add a layer of this material to the bottom of the pot and place a drainage blanket on top. After that add a layer of land followed by the plant seedling and complete with more land and clay.

For potted plants, you should mix two parts of expanded clay with one part of soil, adding the seedling right after. Then just complete the vase with the two materials.

To decorate the vases, place the expanded clay balls on top of the soil in the vase and you will see how cozy and delicate this assembly will be.

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