How to take care of a cherry tree


How to take care of a cherry tree

Essential acerola foot care

The acerola tree can reach up to 3 meters in height, so the main care is to choose the ideal place or vase for planting . Rich in Vitamin C, this little fruit will brighten your days when it finally starts to appear on the tree. For that to happen, let's find out how to take care of an acerola tree?

How to take care of a cherry tree

ideal soil

This tree likes deep, well-drained sandy-clay soil. To bear fruit she needs plenty of sun, as well as well-fertilized land. If you choose to plant the acerola plant in a vase, choose a large container so that the roots have enough space to develop well.

How to do the planting

One of the tips for taking care of the acerola tree starts at the time of planting. The easiest option is to purchase an already formed seedling, grafted and with a good height. If this is the case, simply plant the foot in a large hole or repot it in a suitable container.

To do this, fill the hole or pot with organic soil mixed with medium sand. Ideally, this sand should be fertilized with bone meal and well-cured organic compost. With the help of a piece of wood or even a broomstick, you must firm the seedling until it takes root completely in the soil.


Another tip to make your acerola tree bear more fruit is to constantly fertilize the tree with organic compost such as castor bean cake and bone meal. 

If the seedling is in a vase, you can opt for liquid fertilizer such as lentil shake and leftover vegetables and fruits.

Remember to always keep the vase or planting space clean and free of weeds that can bring pests such as weevil, leafhopper, brown cochineal and many others that are harmful to seedlings. Pay attention to the color of the leaves to know if your tree is growing in a healthy way.


The acerola tree needs daily watering to develop well and therefore it should be planted in periods of heavy rain. So remember to water the seedling abundantly whenever it doesn't rain.

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