How to start a herb garden at home?


How to start a herb garden at home?

Learn how to start an herb garden at home and have a garden to call your own with medicinal and culinary plants in your backyard!

Who doesn't like to add that special seasoning to food, or have a little natural tea before bed? Building a garden for growing medicinal and culinary herbs at home is not a difficult task and you can create this little corner in your home by following some tips.

If you want to learn how to start a herb garden at home, follow this article until the end and check out our growing tips!

How to make a herb garden

Home gardens are a real trend in landscaping and even in small houses it is possible to enjoy the benefits of having these species of plants close by.

Gardening is already a medicinal activity , in addition to the species of herbs to grow at home that we are going to show you, the benefits are many! Can you imagine using a herb right after harvesting to flavor food or even to improve a symptom? This is the biggest advantage of this type of garden, and to help you have one just for you, check out the care and best species.

planning the garden

To have a home garden with aromatic herbs at home, the first thing to do is to delimit the area considering the space restrictions and soil conditions. Most herb species thrive in covered, sunny locations with soft, well-draining soil.

Before planting, identify the areas of the chosen space that receive more sunlight and where there is more shade, in addition to wet and dry areas. Once this is done, plant the ideal species for each condition in each area.

consider the weather

If the chosen location is in a very shady and humid area or even if you have set up a vegetable garden inside the apartment where there is no direct incidence of sunlight on the herbs, give preference to species such as bergamot and peppermint. These two species are resistant to low temperatures, but attention, they must be watered daily!

If the chosen location receives sunlight throughout the day, bet on planting species such as lavender and hyssop that love these conditions.

How to start a herb garden at home?

Discover the best species

In addition to the species of herbs to grow at home that we have already mentioned above, there are other ideal types for a home garden, such as:


If you want a home garden with aromatic herbs, you can't leave this species out! In addition to delicious on pizzas, basil is also used to make tea that promotes several health benefits .


A small rosemary stalk is enough to flavor all the food! Another aromatic herb to have in the garden that, in addition to being perfect for culinary recipes, is very good for your health. 


When growing medicinal and culinary herbs at home, don't forget oregano, which not only goes very well on pizzas, but is also an antioxidant and aids in the digestive process. Perfect for making that little tea after pizza doesn't go down well!

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