How to plant avocado at home?


How to plant avocado at home?

Learn how to plant avocado at home

Avocado has anti-inflammatory power, improves cardiovascular health, helps with cholesterol and bowel control, improves stress symptoms and can even be used as a cosmetic on hair and face to hydrate and prevent aging. In addition to all this, avocado is extremely tasty in sweet dishes such as smoothies and mousses or even in savory dishes such as the famous recipe for guacamole and salads. With so many benefits , you can see that having a foot of this fruit in your backyard is very advantageous! But how to plant avocado correctly?

To help you create your own home garden , one of the biggest trends in landscaping today, here are some tips for planting avocado at home.

ideal soil 

One of the tips for planting avocado at home is to use soil rich in organic matter. The land used must be fertilized frequently and the seedling planted directly in the soil generates better development of the avocado tree.

If you live in an apartment or a small place, know that the avocado tree also produces in a vase! The ideal type of vase is wide so as not to harm the roots and have good drainage.

ideal climate  

For the good development of the tree and later of the fruits, planting should be carried out in rainy periods and in a tropical or humid tropical climate. It is worth remembering that this is a tree that does not tolerate frost.

when to prune 

One more tip for planting avocado at home is the pruning season. Ideally, it should be carried out in autumn to facilitate the entry of natural light into the branches of the tree.

how to water

The avocado plant is very fond of water, so water it daily to keep the soil moist.

In the winter period the rules must be reduced considerably in order not to soak the plant.

removal of fruits 

How to plant avocado at home?

To learn how to plant avocados and especially harvest the fruits, it is important to pay attention to healthy harvest deadlines.

When planting is carried out correctly and the plant is well cared for, the deadline for harvesting is usually two years after planting. 

Following the planting calendar, the fruits will ripen between January and August and the peak of the harvest should be between April and May.

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