How to grow aquatic plants at home


How to grow aquatic plants at home

Have you ever thought about growing aquatic plants indoors? We are talking not only about ornamentation of lakes and aquariums but even vases to decorate the environment! Having these species at home is among the trends in landscaping , but how do you cultivate aquatic plants?

It is worth knowing these species and learning how to plant and care for aquatic plants to create a beautiful and innovative green space in your home.

To help you, we have separated some species that can be grown indoors and what are the main care for aquatic plants that you must have so that they grow healthy! 

How to plant and care for aquatic plants 

The planting of these species is similar to any other. Some tips for growing aquatic plants is the choice of land, even if they are underwater calls that must be planted in soil even if underwater, it must be a fertile substrate in addition to being subjected to fertilization. 

Choose the location, be it a vase, a pond or an aquarium and plant the species as an adult or in a branch, it is worth remembering that great care is needed and the use of some tricks to avoid dengue .

The main care for aquatic plants is to check that they do not have snails or algae and always keep them clean, remembering to always keep them in good lighting. The nutrients needed by these species are usually already in the water itself.

In order to take good care of it and have a well-decorated environment, it is necessary not only to know how to cultivate aquatic plants, but also which are the ideal species to have at home.

Species of aquatic plants to have at home 

There are several species of aquatic plants to have at home, some of them are:

1. Water hyacinth 

This is a fast growing plant so it can spread very easily, which requires constant care and maintenance.

It is beneficial for removing toxic toxins from the water. It has wide leaves and blooms with beautiful blue or lilac flowers.


2. Lotus flower 

How to grow aquatic plants at home

The lotus flower is surrounded by symbolism , so it is not only a beautiful option to have at home, but also a special one. 

It has its root submerged and fixed in the ground and it flourishes well in very humid or even flooded places, reaching an average height above the water of up to 50 centimeters. Plus it needs sun to develop.

An interesting curiosity about the lotus flower is that at night its petals close and the flower submerges, a true spectacle of nature! 

3. water lilies 

Water lilies are very fragrant flowers, so they are a great option to not only beautify the environment but also bring a lovely aroma.

They fall into the category of floating or semi-floating and produce pink, white, yellow or blue flowers. To survive, they need to be grown in full sun or partial shade.

4. Water lilies 

How to grow aquatic plants at home

They are aquatic plants whose species can grow in or out of the water generating beautiful flowers.

They must be planted in vases of about 30 centimeters, fertilized and lowered into water for them to bloom properly.

Landscaping with aquatic plants 

Once you know the species of aquatic plants to have at home, the next step is to look for these seedlings and start creating a beautiful and innovative garden in your home.

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