How to create a garden space in an apartment?


How to create a garden space in an apartment?

Do you want to have a garden but have little space in your home? Check out some important design tips on how to set up gardens in small spaces and get inspired to set one up in your home!

Having a small residential garden is synonymous with more contact with nature, in addition to creating a relaxing and decorative environment in the house.

Some people believe that to have a garden at home you need a vast space, or even an outdoor area, but those who think that way are wrong!

Regardless of the size of the residence or available space, it is possible to set up a garden with your preferences!

If you live in an apartment or a small house, know that it is completely possible to set up gardens in small spaces and bring elegance and charm to your home.

To help you create this space, we've separated some tips for setting up a garden in a small environment that will inspire you!

How to create a garden space in an apartment

There are several ideas that will serve as inspiration for creating your own small residential garden, see some of the main trends in landscaping .

  1. vertical garden 

Vertical gardens are one of the main trends in landscaping , because they have all the elegance of a garden but take up much less space than the conventional one.

This type of garden can be created both indoors and outdoors, and consists of surfaces and supports on the wall or even a panel filled with plants, foliage and flowers. However, it is important to observe the luminosity of the place to choose the best species for these gardens. 

How to create a garden space in an apartment?

2-Suspended garden

Hanging gardens are another great landscaping trend in small apartments, as they take up little space and bring a stunning look to the environment.

The assembly of this type of small residential garden can be made with wooden boards tied to the ceiling with ropes, pet bottles or whatever else your creativity suggests. Also, in vases hung with chains from the ceiling. 

Pendant species, adapted indoors, are the most used, as they create a graceful cascading effect.

How to creaHow to create a garden space in an apartment?te a garden space in an apartment?

3 -Garden with mix of stones

In the search for how to create a space for a garden in apartments, be sure to add elements to the environment that will further enrich the landscape, such as pebbles, pebbles and other finishes, which give the environment a more natural appearance. One type of stone can be used, as well as a mix, as if they were garden coverings. It is interesting to observe the colors, sizes and textures of these materials. 

To compose the garden, use plants in vases, which can be made of different materials such as ceramics, cement and polyethylene. As it is also possible to create beautiful gardens with wooden, glass and metal cachepots, for example.

It is also possible to place floors, such as wooden decks, to create support or a path and contrast with the pebbles. 

How to create a garden space in an apartment?

4 – Unusual spaces

You can take advantage of unusual spaces in the house, such as the space below the stairs! That's right, the space below the steps can become a beautiful environment decorated and personalized with plants and flowers.

To do this, check the brightness of the place, very dark environments are unsuitable for growing plants. Also note the size of the available space, as well as the height, for choosing the ideal plants.  

If you want, you can complete the composition with ornaments, sculptures, small fountains and lanterns. 

How to create a garden space in an apartment?

5 – Residential vegetable gardens 

Another that joins the list of landscaping trends are the urban gardens that are increasingly invading people's homes and apartments.

It is possible to create gardens in small spaces full of vegetables!

In addition to creating a beautiful space, the garden is very useful in everyday life in the kitchen, because right there, it is possible to harvest seasonings and spices to give that homemade taste at lunch! So, separate a corner that receives direct sun for better development of your urban garden. 

How to create a garden space in an apartment?

6-Color on the walls 

One of the tips for setting up a garden in a small space and making it stand out is to paint the walls in vibrant colors that match the chosen flowers and plants. As well as covering the entire wall or part of it with wooden panels or filleted stones. 

In addition, colors can also be present in vases, cachepots, flowers and colorful foliage to bring more vivacity to the place!

How to create a garden space in an apartment?

Best plants and flowers for small home garden

Having a garden in an apartment, in addition to providing more decorative, harmonious and cozy environments, increases people's quality of life. The cultivation of plants in environments improves air quality, softens the temperature and increases humidity. It is also a way to be in contact with nature. 

When choosing plants, you must remember that they cannot grow very much, in addition to choosing species that can remain without direct sunlight and do not need as much water.

See some plants that can be grown indoors.

  • lipstick plant 
  • Zamioculcas 
  • palm tree Rafis
  • Licuala palm
  • Palmerinha of PetrĂ³polis
  • Chlorophyte 
  • Sword of Saint George
  • peperomies
  • Peace lily
  • Anthuriums
  • boa constrictors
  • lucky bamboo
  • pacova
  • bromeliads
  • ferns
  • portuguese lace

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