How to choose the perfect tree for your backyard


How to choose the perfect tree for your backyard

Get to know 3 species of trees to have in the garden and check out tips on how to choose the ideal one for your backyard!

It is practically impossible to find someone who does not like to rest comfortably under the shade of a tree, even more so when it is very close and within reach in the garden at home. But at the same time it can be very difficult to know how to choose the ideal tree for the backyard without compromising the structure of the environment or the proper development of the species.

With the ideas that we will present here, you can be inspired to create your own space right there in your backyard and enjoy all the benefits of having a tree so close by.

3 species of trees to have in the garden

True oases in the urban landscape, trees guarantee not only cleaner air to breathe but also shelter, shade and refreshment on hot days. 

With so many benefits, why not have one near you, in your backyard? Fruit trees , for example, are already a trend in landscaping in houses and apartments , because some can even be planted in vases, you just need to know how to choose the best container for planting . 

There are several species of trees to plant in the garden. Check out some:

Sicilian lemon foot

Nothing better than a very cold lemonade on a sunny day or even a meal with a characteristic flavor of this fruit as seasoning. The Sicilian lemon tree is one of the small tree species to grow in the backyard as it usually reaches a height of one and a half meters. 

acacia mimosa 

One of the tree species to plant in the garden or backyard is the mimosa acacia, as it is considered a small tree.

In addition, it is a species that develops well in low temperatures and produces beautiful yellow flowers in the shape of a globe. Perfect to beautify the environment and still provide that nice shade.


The magnolia or tree tulip as it is also known is also an assertive choice for a residential garden as it has a small size (maximum 5 meters, but with slow growth). In addition, it produces beautiful flowers to beautify the environment.

Tips for choosing the right tree for your backyard

How to choose the perfect tree for your backyard

Now that you've met some reseller species for this purpose, check out some tips for choosing the right tree for your backyard.

Preferably a species that adapts well to your terrain, city climate and soil type. Also consider criteria such as:

  • root size 
  • care and maintenance 
  • Environmental license 
  • Available space

It is worth remembering that some of the small trees to grow in the backyard can also be planted in vases, which allows them to be taken even to decorate some internal environment of the house! 

How to choose the perfect tree for your backyard 

Knowing the suitable species and what are the basic care, just choose the tree of your choice and plan a special corner in your backyard.

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