Get to know the latest decoration and design trends in landscaping


Get to know the latest decoration and design trends in landscaping

That landscaping is a real rage these days is nothing new, but have you ever stopped to ask yourself what the latest landscaping trends are for your home?

If you're thinking about creating a space in your property and would like to know the trends in gardening and landscaping so you don't make the wrong choice, you're in the right place!

Check out some landscaping tips and trends below that you will surely be delighted with.

5 landscaping trends you need to know!

Having a garden or a green area at home is the guarantee of having a relaxing and beautiful environment to be proud of!

To be sure of the beauty and even variety of plants and elements in a garden, check out some gardening and landscaping trends that, combined with your preferences, will surely bring a good result!

  1. Back to basics trend 
Get to know the latest decoration and design trends in landscaping

The Back to basics trend has hit landscaping with a vengeance!

Back to simplicity is the message that this trend conveys and in decoration and landscaping the rustic side is respected, favoring an environment without too much interference with the use of natural materials and plants that also grow naturally.

The vases of the moment for planting plants and flowers are made of cement and terracotta. Those that were once considered simple and found a lot in the homes of older people are back in fashion.

And anyone who thinks that vases made from these materials are only for outdoor areas is wrong. Now they are redesigned and in formats that allow for incredible compositions, they can even be used indoors.

  1. vertical gardens 
Get to know the latest decoration and design trends in landscaping

Another one that joins the list of decoration and design trends in landscaping is the vertical garden technique.

Vertical gardens are the new trend in landscaping because they don't need a lot of space to exist and give space to space. Vertical gardens can be set up indoors or outdoors, as long as there is good natural lighting and ventilation. 

Characterized by plants fixed to walls, green panels, support for pots or even suspended by supports installed vertically, vertical gardens bring coziness and lightness and can be assembled in small areas since the arrangement of plants does not need a environment that takes up a lot of floor space.

  1. Ornamental plants 
Get to know the latest decoration and design trends in landscaping

Among decoration and design trends in landscaping is the use of ornamental plants.

In the creation of incredible green areas this type of plant goes very well! There are several possibilities even for those who don't have much time, just choose plants that don't require frequent watering and are resistant to various temperatures. However, it is important to choose the plants that best adapt to the location, observe the available space, the luminosity, climate and type of soil in the region. 

Some landscaping tips and trends for those who prefer a more contemporary project is to bet on straight and clean lines in the creation of green areas with bromeliads, palm trees and plants in general with colorful foliage that give the environment a sophisticated and vibrant air.

For more classic projects, elegance can be maintained with pines, live fences and other more classic species.

  1. urban jungle

Get to know the latest decoration and design trends in landscaping

If you're still wondering what the latest trends in landscaping are, check out this tip, creating urban forests, called Urban Jungle, indoors.

The urban jungle trend brings people closer to nature, it is being increasingly applied in busy urban centers! In addition to making environments more cozy and decorative, urban forests help to improve the quality of life. Plants are able to soften high temperatures, increase air humidity, in addition to renewing the air we breathe.

It is possible to create a complete garden indoors! That's right, whether in offices, balconies or even as a room divider, an internal garden, in addition to promoting cultivation, is quite a decoration!

Vegetation and flowers can be planted both directly in the ground in planned spaces as well as in vases and wooden structures.

  1. vegetable gardens
Get to know the latest decoration and design trends in landscaping

Home gardens are a trend in gardening and landscaping, and are increasingly useful as many homes have a gourmet area inside.

This is a way to have a functional decoration always with spices at hand. In addition, this garden can be planned both outdoors and inside the kitchen itself! However, it is essential that the place receives direct sun (at least four hours a day). In indoor environments without sun, vegetables should be placed temporarily, if they are not used (within fifteen days) they should be returned to a place with sun. 

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