Garden with fruit trees: know which species to choose!


Garden with fruit trees: know which species to choose!

Get to know the best species to have at home and find out how to plant fruit trees the right way!

Having a garden with fruit trees is a dream for you, but does it seem like a daunting task? We are here to tell you that growing is simpler than you might think and it can be even easier after checking out the special tips shared in this post!

Were you curious? So read on to find out which are the best fruit trees for your backyard and check out some secrets to ensure healthy seedling growth. 

After all, how to plant fruit trees?

Even before choosing which tree you will have at home, you need to understand how to plant fruit trees. The wrong procedure can affect the development of the plant and harm the health of the fruits, so be sure to seek information before planting, ok?

Planting will depend a lot on the types of fruit trees you choose, so it is important to know the specific needs of each species before purchasing your seedling. Despite this, we have some tips to share that will help you in the process regardless of the chosen species, write it down: 

  • Invest in organic compost
  • If you decide to plant your tree in a pot, check the dimensions to choose the right size. If you need it, ask the gardening store attendant to help you find the ideal vase for each type of plant.
  • water your seedling
  • Know the needs of the chosen species and maintain constancy in the care of your trees 

Know the main types of fruit trees for backyard

Garden with fruit trees: know which species to choose!

With the special tips shared above on how to plant the species more simply, you are one step away from getting your backyard with fruit trees. Now there's only one thing missing: choosing the type of tree to decorate your garden!

Check out the best fruit trees for the backyard and choose your favorite:


Acerola is known for its more acidic taste and also for being a great source of vitamin. You can grow this species in a vase in your backyard, remembering that it needs plenty of sun and should be watered three to four times a week. 


Unlike acerolas, jabuticabas are already known for their sweetness and also for the beauty of their flowers. If you want a backyard with fruit trees, but are looking for easy-care species, this can be a great option: grow it in a vase if you don't want it to grow too much and leave it in the sun to receive plenty of light. Water three to four times a week. 


Blackberries can also be grown in pots, but they don't need as much sun as the previous species. Care is in watering: keep the earth always moist and try to water your mulberry tree more often.


Lemon is a versatile option and quite simple to care for. If you want a species that doesn't grow so much, opt for Sicilian lemon: in addition to beautiful fruits, you will have an option for juices, sweets and salad dressings. 

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