Expert on the subject, know all about hoses


Expert on the subject, know all about hoses

Hoses are not all the same, each area in which it will be used needs a specific type of hose.

Discover in this article the best types of hose for each area, so you'll be right in the purchase and still save money on repairs or exchanges.

See different hoses, from those for industrial use to those for domestic use.

When buying the hose, pay attention to the inch size , this is the most important measure to know if the fitting will fit the base.

Remember that larger diameters deliver more water or other liquids, for example, a ¾ inch hose will deliver more water than a ½ inch hose. 

The first, of ¾ is more suitable for industrial use , while the ½ inch will be more used in simple or domestic services.

The best hose for plumbing gas

If you need to make an installation on the piped gas of your residence or even in industrial kitchens, the metallic hose, or as it is also called tomback hose, surpasses the PVC hose, the one that is traditionally present in houses.

It is made of special copper alloy tube, wrapped externally with a braided brass mesh and offers a safe transfer of gas from the gas to the stove.

Inside is a powerful rubber resistant to oil, abrasion and high temperatures.

If the hose will pass behind the stove, oven or cocktop, we indicate the Tomback hose, it is resistant, durable, efficient and safe.

Ideal hose for gardening

Expert on the subject, know all about hoses

You will often see Ibirá hoses mentioned, a recognized brand available in the market.

We trust this brand so we work with many models of it.

If you need to take care of the garden, the Jardim Ibirá hose is right for you. It is suitable for domestic or professional use in gardening.

In addition, it can also be used for washing sidewalks, houses and garages.

It is a piece of equipment that cannot be missing from your home.

Electric hose? Know the conduits

Many people call conduits wiring hose or electrical hose . This is because conduit is a technical name used for this structure that actually resembles a hose.

However, unlike hoses, their purpose is not to transport liquids .

Conduits serve to protect the wiring from external actions, such as shocks, friction, deterioration, moisture and other types of damage, such as fires due to short circuits.

To avoid doubts when buying, choose an anti-flame product , as these offer more safety for the electrical network.

In this sense, we recommend O ConduĂ­te Corrugado Ibira as they are ideal for passing electrical wires and cables, in addition to being resistant and safe.  

In addition to the security they provide, they also allow bends to make changes in direction easily.

Which air hose is the best?

When buying an air hose, the most suitable are those that can withstand more pressure, they are made with 100% rubber and polyester yarn, choose one in which the rubber resists abrasion and ozone.

In order not to have problems, also pay attention to the proper working temperature, with the best resistant ones between -35°C and 100°C.

The PVC Hydro Ar Ibira Hose or the Hidro Ar Korax Rubber Hose are extremely suitable, as they have most of these qualities. 

Good hose for drainage system

If you are installing a drainage system, you know the importance of having a good hose dedicated to this purpose.

Drainage hoses need to quickly drain large amounts of water that seep into the ground.

The Kanaflex Drainage Hose is strongly recommended by us, as it allows the penetration of the liquid inside, allowing fast drainage.

It is widely used in civil works and agriculture.

Provides great agility in installation in addition to its material is resistant and durable. The Kanaflex Drainage Hose is resistant to mechanical efforts and chemical substances that come into contact with it.

The two washing machine hoses

Once again, the hoses from the company Ibirá stand out, now in the washing machine segment.

Washing machines need two hoses , one to receive the water and the other to dispose of it, each of them has different properties.

The Ibirá Washing Machine Hose for water inlet is suitable for domestic use for any brand and model of washing machine and dishwasher.

Pay attention to the inches, as they are the dimensions used to adapt each fitting.

The Ibirá Water Outlet Hose , on the other hand , is a more caliber hose, it even resembles a conduit, and is suitable for domestic use for any brand and model of washing machine.

Both are flexible and very resistant, being able to withstand different water speeds , in addition to being easy to install and having ends that do not come off easily.

The best discharge hose

If you need to drive low pressure water out of a room, you will need a drain hose, choose one that is resistant to kinks, corrosion and that resists aging .

Especially useful for removing fluids and water from industrial, agricultural, mining, irrigation and construction sectors.

An analysis showed that the PVC Water Discharge Hose Ibirá meets all these requirements and is indicated for these situations.

This water hose, from the Ibira brand, is highly flexible and durable, strongly resisting drag.

The right choice in suction hoses

If you need a suction hose, you will need an Ibira PVC Hose .

It is a hose indicated for light water suction and discharge services .

It can be used for water collection for irrigation and for air ducts, exhaust fans, ventilation and dust collectors.

It is useful for use in agricultural sectors, farms, industry, cleaning galleries, water trucks, etc.

This versatility is due to the materials of its manufacture , it is made of flexible PVC reinforced with a rigid PVC spiral that follows the rules for the manufacture of hoses.

Attention with the hospital hose

The hospital hose is a hose different from the others , special for this purpose because it needs to be easy to clean, resistant, withstand a lot of pressure and be durable.

The Ibira PVC Hospital Hose was developed and indicated for hospital use in anesthesia equipment, respirators and also in dental equipment.

It is preferred in clinics, hospitals and dental offices.

It has excellent flexibility and easy handling, is heat resistant and works with pressure up to 275 PSI .

It is suitable for working at temperatures between +5°C and +55°C.

It is made with an inner tube in flexible and non-toxic PVC, reinforced with a layer of polyester threads, to finish the finish a cover in flexible non-toxic PVC is used.

If you are looking for a reference hospital hose, the Ibira PVC Hospital Hose is the most suitable.

vacuum hose

If you are going to do air, gas or dust exhaustion and conduction services, the Ibira PVC Vacuum Hose is the most suitable option, because it is a light product with high flexibility , which allows the work to be done safely and effective.

It can be used in industrial vacuum cleaners as it is resistant due to its composition, being made of flexible PVC and reinforced with a rigid PVC spiral, it guarantees what it proposes.

The best supply hose

If you have a service station or intend to fill up vehicles with gasoline, oil or ethanol, you will need a proper hose for this, in these cases, we recommend The Korax Supply Hose .

This is because it is certified by INMETRO/DIMEL Ordinance No. 198 of 10/24/2012;

Which guarantees that it is made following all safety standards , and guaranteeing in its composition: Synthetic rubber tube, Reinforcement of a steel braid, smooth cover of synthetic rubber that provides resistance to abrasion and ozone;

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