Degreaser or degreaser, which one to choose?

Degreaser or degreaser, which one to choose?

If you've ever worked with mechanics or maintenance, you've certainly heard of degreasers and degreasers .

But after all, what's the difference between these two cleaning products and which surfaces are they indicated?

Both degreasers and degreasers are chemicals designed to remove heavy dirt from surfaces.

The difference is in the chemical composition and purpose of each product.

What is the difference between them?
Degreasers are indicated to remove grease and oil from metallic surfaces , such as gears, chains and other mechanical equipment.

They have chemical agents that break down dirt, making it easier to remove.

Some degreasers are more aggressive and must be used with care, especially on delicate surfaces.

Degreasers are recommended for removing grease and other residues from different surfaces , such as floors, walls, industrial kitchens and other environments where grease accumulates.

They are milder than degreasers and can be used on a variety of surfaces such as plastic, glass, wood and even fabric.

An interesting curiosity is that, in general , degreasers are composed of organic solvents , while degreasers are based on water and surfactants .

This explains why degreasers are more aggressive and must be used with care.

Can you use degreaser instead of degreaser?
While degreasers and degreasers are similar cleaners, they have different purposes and chemical compositions , which means that each is designed to deal with specific types of dirt and surfaces.

Degreasers are designed to remove grease, oil and other heavy residues from metal surfaces.

They often contain powerful organic solvents that can get deep into the dirt and break it down into small particles that can be easily removed.

Using a degreaser in place of degreaser may not be effective for removing heavy dirt from mechanical equipment, for example.

Degreasers, on the other hand, are designed to remove grease and other lighter soils from a variety of surfaces, such as plastic, glass, wood, and fabrics.

They usually contain surfactants and are water based.

Using a degreaser instead of degreaser can be overly aggressive and even damage the surface to be cleaned.

In summary, it is important to use the right cleaning product for each type of dirt and surface to be cleaned, in order to obtain the best results and avoid damage.

Therefore, it is recommended to follow the manufacturer's instructions and choose the right product for each situation.

See the main features of each
Here are some of the main features of degreasers and degreasers.

It is important to remember that degreasers and degreasers may have specific formulas and characteristics that vary between products, but these are the characteristics in common:

Designed to remove heavy dirt such as grease and oil from metal surfaces.

They often contain powerful organic solvents that can penetrate deep into the dirt and break it down into smaller particles.

They are more aggressive than degreasers and can damage delicate or painted surfaces.

They are often used in mechanical and manufacturing industries
Degreaser or degreaser, which one to choose?

Designed to remove the lightest dirt, such as grease, from a variety of surfaces including plastic, glass and fabric.

Generally water-based and contain surfactants to help break down dirt.

They are less aggressive than degreasers and less likely to damage delicate or painted surfaces.

They are often used in commercial and domestic cleaning environments such as restaurants and hospitals.
Despite what has been said here, always read the manufacturer's instructions before using and choose the right product for each situation, because each manufacturer is free to produce.


How to use the degreaser?
Here are some usage tips for degreasers:

Wear protective gloves when handling degreasers to avoid direct skin contact.

Apply the degreaser to the dirty surface and let it sit for a few minutes so that it can penetrate the dirt.

Scrub the surface with a brush or cloth to help loosen dirt.

Rinse surface with water to remove degreaser and loose dirt.
If the surface is still dirty, repeat the process until the dirt is completely removed.

How to use the degreaser?
Now that you've seen how to use degreaser, here's the easiest way to use degreasers:

Always wear gloves when handling cleaning chemicals.

Make sure the surface is clean and free of debris before applying the degreaser.

Apply the degreaser to the surface and let it act for a few minutes.

Brush the surface or use a cloth to help remove grease.

Rinse the surface with water to finish.
You must repeat the process if it was not enough for cleaning.

The 3 best degreasers and degreasers
When we talk about these categories of cleaning products, it's always good to know the reference products, so we made the top 3 products for these purposes, see what they are:

Algoo degreasing cleaner

It is a versatile product that can be used on a variety of washable surfaces including metals, concrete, rubber, plastics, fabrics and other water-resistant materials.

It is ideal for critical cleaning , removing stains, grease, oils, grease, grout and accumulated dirt in bathrooms, kitchens, garages, floors, machinery and tools.

The product offers an excellent cleaning quality, removing even grimy dirt, and comes in a spray bottle with the option of a 1 liter refill , ensuring savings in application.

Can be diluted with water for greater flexibility and economy.

Degreaser or degreaser, which one to choose?
Quimatic industrial degreaser

If you need an efficient and practical product for heavy cleaning , this is the right choice!

It is ideal for cleaning and maintaining tanks, machines, engines, equipment, industrial installations, floors, walls and ceilings in mechanical workshops and industrial warehouses, among other general cleaning and degreasing applications.

And best of all, it can be used in refrigerators and food industries .

It can be diluted in up to 1,100 liters of water without losing its effectiveness.

Pine degreasing cleaning paste

This is a highly efficient product for cleaning heavy dirt on parts, equipment, machines and structures in general.

With a 1KG package , the paste is easy to apply and can be used in a variety of situations, such as cleaning engines, internal components in mechanic shops and other areas that require heavy cleaning.

In addition, Pinheiro Special Degreaser is safe to use and has biodegradable properties , making it a conscious choice for cleaning stubborn dirt.

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