Choose the ideal trash can for your environment

 Choose the ideal trash can for your environment

Choose the ideal trash can for your environmentChoose the ideal trash can for your environment

Dumpsters , so common that we don't even notice them anymore in the environments we occupy. But did you know that you have the right way to choose your wastebasket? With our tips, you'll save time, money and often get rid of a headache.

In this article, I will show you which trash can is ideal for each environment in your home, or at work, and I will help you choose in an easy and practical way.

Horror story with dumpsters

I never gave much importance to which bin to buy until one day I regretted that decision!

I had to be away from home for two days, and I left in a hurry because I needed to solve an urgent problem, living alone recently, I didn't even worry that I needed to take out the garbage.

And even less did I care if the trash was well closed.

As a result, when I returned from the trip, fly larvae had proliferated in the garbage, they were trying to get out of the bin, and some even escaped.

I spent a few hours getting rid of them and doing a complete cleaning in the kitchen, you can be sure it was a day just for that and a few more therapy sessions to get over what happened.

It was horrible! Something I don't wish for anyone, so I'll teach you not to go through this inconvenience .  

All of this could have been avoided by taking the simple precaution of purchasing a suitable wastebasket for the kitchen.

Why Ideal Recycle Bin?

The ideal is specific, each waste bin being manufactured is designed to meet the standard characteristics of a given environment.

A trash can made for an indoor area will not look good outdoors because outside, there are other needs.

So don't neglect it, for the love of your health.

An inadequate dump causes great inconvenience to the environment, and can leave it polluted or with a horrible smell.

The best trash can for your environment

Thinking about this logic, see now how to choose the best trash can for each environment and understand the reasons for this.

trash can for the bathroom

The bathroom is the place that needs a reinforced trash can, with a lid and a pedal.

Since it is the trash can that will receive the most contaminating waste, it needs to be tightly closed , so as to avoid unpleasant odors.

Opt for a smaller trash can, up to 5 liters and made of resistant material, as it will be next to the toilet and needs to be changed frequently.

For your happiness, we have an indication of the ideal trash can, it meets all these requirements:

Mor Agata stainless steel trash can with pedal

Wastebasket for the kitchen and dining rooms

These environments need larger , deeper trash cans that can be closed and have a good fit for the lid on the body, so you will avoid going through what I went through with the flies.

The kitchen receives a lot of organic material, such as fruit and vegetable peelings and food scraps, being a decoy for animals and insects.

therefore, opt for bins between 25 liters and 60 liters if few people use the place.

In the case of industrial or restaurant kitchens, opt for bins from 60 liters to 100 liters .

Plastic trash cans do their job well, as they are easy to clean and the material is resistant, in addition to having an excellent cost-benefit ratio.

trash can for offices

In office environments, the main types of dirt are dry , and in some cases may receive wet dirt, such as disposable cups with leftover coffee or water .

The office has contact with dust, dust, papers, and dry waste. Therefore, the odor of the environment is usually not a concern.

Instead, practicality and agility are sought when cleaning.

Therefore, the lid is not a determining factor when choosing a wastebasket.

Opt for something light, that matches the environment , don't exaggerate the size, a 12-liter trash can is usually enough.

Trash bin for outdoor area

In external areas, such as in a condominium, you need a larger trash can , that way the garbage can be stored there until the day of collection.

It is very important that the bin has a good lid and also capacity.

For easy transport, wheels are essential .

If this is your need, choose the models below, they have great capacity, price and also the ease of the wheels and the safety of the cover.

special bins

Lately the planet is extremely worried about your health, you can do your part, with a set of recycling bins.

It will make recycling easier, and ensures that the disposal of garbage will take the appropriate destination.

We indicate these sets for outdoor areas, such as commercial buildings or residential condominiums, however, nothing prevents you from having one of these at home, you just need space.

garbage container

This giant dumpster is indicated for places with high traffic of people , or for the collective use of establishments. For example, shopping center, office buildings, restaurant cluster, districts and neighborhoods.

It has a capacity of 1000 liters , protection against sunlight, rain, has wheels and a brake. The lid is resistant and ensures that the garbage is free of insects and rodents.

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