Best kitchen and healthcare shoe

 Do you know what the best chefs use to protect their feet while working?

Best kitchen and healthcare shoe

In this article, I'm going to talk a little about the footwear that is used by chefs and also by other health workers.

In recent years, an ideal model for comfort and safety has appeared on the market when working on slippery floors.

However, it is also made to withstand falling sharp objects and to be waterproof.

Avoiding accidents with the use of kitchen shoes

Anyone who works in the kitchen knows that the floor can accidentally get wet and become slippery, which is why serious accidents at work can happen.

Imagine the situation in which a chef slips while carrying a pan full of boiling water, I don't even like to think about it.

That's why it's important to use all PPE's, the uniform in the kitchen is not just for charm. They are important to protect cooks and helpers from possible accidents and also to maintain food hygiene.

That is, the most important part of this uniform in addition to gloves and caps, when necessary, are the shoes.

Not everyone knows this, but there are shoes that are ideal for working in these environments, do you know?

The best kitchen shoes

The perfect footwear for those who work in the kitchen must have the essential feature of being non-slip. This is a rule, but not only that, they must also have all these attributes:

be rubberized

have a high face

Be made of sturdy material

non-slip sole

be well adjusted to the foot

Comfortable and removable insole

be waterproof

The shoe that has all these characteristics prevents accidentally falling objects from seriously injuring them. It also prevents slipping and allows you to work for longer hours without experiencing discomfort or causing repetitive strain injuries.

Don't be in doubt, only buy shoes that have these characteristics.

How to choose the best shoe brand?

Buy from a specialist manufacturer such as Softworks .

The sneakers from this manufacturer are soft, light and comfortable, in addition to providing all the protection you are looking for.

They are also 100% certified by the Ministry of Labor, which makes them reliable for what they are designed to protect!

And the shoe for the health area?

The health area is one of the strictest with its PPE's, the work environment is very contaminated and therefore professionals must be extra careful.

The shoes are available in white and black, precisely because they cater to these two audiences, however, the black ones are generally used in the kitchen and the white ones in the healthcare area.

Whether for one task or another, the protection provided is extraordinary.

Make no mistake in the purchase

Finally, these shoes are durable pieces, buy only from certified brands, to avoid headaches in the future, that way you guarantee that you are not buying a pig in a poke.

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