Automated irrigation in landscaping

Automated irrigation in landscaping

 Have you heard about automated irrigation in landscaping and how beneficial this system is for the garden? Know now how it works and the main advantages.

Having a garden at home is very important not only for home decor but also for your own well-being ! One of the main factors to ensure these and other benefits is certainly the proper watering of plants, and it is in this scenario that automatic irrigation in gardens emerges as an intelligent and practical solution for the maintenance of green space.

When poorly irrigated, a garden can slowly die and lose all the brightness it once had, and to prevent this from happening, watering correctly is one of the main care you can take with the species. 

Do you want to know how this system works and what benefits it brings to the garden? Follow the post until the end and find out!

Automated irrigation in landscaping 

The irrigation of gardens and landscaped areas is a modern solution that aims at the practicality of programmed watering in a totally personalized way. It uses a programmed controller to activate the valves and release the water with predetermined time and volume. For this, it is based on factors such as plant species, local climate, terrain slope and other relevant information for the good development of species that are cultivated in space.

Adhering to this garden irrigation model attracts advantages such as savings, as the system helps to control water volume, pressure frequency and even watering schedule. In addition, it minimizes the possibility of leaks, which also contributes to sustainability.

Other than that, you optimize your time since everything will be done automatically and you still worry about one less item of garden maintenance .

The main systems for automatic irrigation in gardens are:


Automated irrigation in landscaping

This type of automatic irrigation in gardens is recommended for larger areas such as lawn projects, for example. The equipment requires a pump, water reservoir, pipes and spray or impeller type sprinklers to operate.


Very similar to the first in terms of operation, this automatic irrigation is recommended for flower beds or small gardens. Small rods with microsprinklers are distributed across the land so that you water the plants correctly.

Vertical and underground drip

Vertical dripping is recommended for use in green walls, the famous vertical gardens that are part of recent landscaping trends . In order for there to be an adequate watering of the species, a pipe is installed on the sides of the garden and drips the exact amount of water through pipe branches in each of the rows.

Underground dripping is part of the automated irrigation equipment in landscaping indicated for floral species. That's because water jets can harm pollination. Its installation can be up to 30 cm below the ground and emits drops in order to moisten directly at the root.

What to consider when opting for automatic irrigation in gardens?

Automated irrigation for landscaped areas is a very worthwhile investment. To choose the best option for your garden, take into account the climate of the region, the type of soil, shading, insolation, the incidence of wind in the place and, of course, the watering needs of the species grown in the space.

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