4 trees that can not be missing in a farm


4 trees that can not be missing in a farm

It must be agreed that the items that cannot be missing from planting on a farm are the trees, whether they are of any size or fruitful, they provide that unique tone of nature typical of this type of environment.

Thinking about helping you not make a mistake in harmonizing the place, in this article we separate tree tips for planting in a farm, continue reading and get inspired by these incredible ideas.

landscaping for farm

Usually, when you buy a farm, it already has a large number of trees in its space, but an ornamental tip is to invest in landscaping to have a very comfortable environment without losing sophistication.

First, value the spaces and define which areas will be destined for leisure and socialization, not forgetting to separate a place for cultivation! 

Once that's decided, check out a list of 4 trees that can't be missing from a farm!

1. Palm trees

4 trees that can not be missing in a farm

Palm trees are very versatile trees that can even be grown indoors ! In external environments, there are some types of palm trees that are more suitable, such as Fan, Laca, Bottle, Blue, Coconut and Washingtonia.

All of these reach a majestic size and are ideal for creating an environment that is easy to maintain. In addition, when combined with a garden lighting game, they make the environment quite sophisticated.

2. Arboreal dracena

In landscaping for a farm, be sure to research the arboreal dracena, a tree that does not shed as many leaves, which makes cleaning the environment much easier.

It is a kind of bush but if planted in the ground it can reach up to 10 meters in height. It should be grown in half shade with moderate and deep watering, besides being very beautiful, it is a species that supports drought periods well.

3. Ipe

The Ipê tree is an excellent landscaping option for a farm, as in addition to being a robust species, it is undeniably beautiful in any environment.

Its flowers, which can have different colors, bring a feeling of warmth to the environment, and usually sprout in winter and spring.

4. Fruit trees

4 trees that can not be missing in a farm

The last of the tree tips for planting in a farm are fruit trees that can be used for personal consumption or even as another source of income.

Many people are afraid to cultivate these species because they don't know how to plant or cultivate a fruit tree or because they think that cleaning is difficult.

Taking into account all the care that these species need to take so that they develop well and actually produce fruit, it is worth cultivating them in a farm, since they promote unique moments such as eating a fruit directly from the tree or resting under its shadow.

Some of the main tips on how to plant a tree are to have a space and prepare the soil well, doing this just enjoy the benefits they bring!

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