There was a severe shortage of flour and sugar in Lahore

There was a severe shortage of flour and sugar in Lahore

The price of flour reached Rs 1500 while sugar reached Rs 105 per kg

Lahore: A severe shortage of flour has arisen in Lahore, the capital of Punjab province, and a 20 kg bag of flour has reached Rs 1,500 in the open market. Sugar is also being sold at more than Rs 100 per kg in Lahore. Flour mills stopped supply of flour in the open market when the price of wheat reached Rs. 2450 per quintal. A 20 kg bag of flour worth Rs. 880 is being sold at Rs. 1500 in the market and sugar is being sold at Rs. 105 instead of Rs.70.

A report quoted citizens as saying that flour is nowhere to be found and even if it is available, a lot of money is demanded. Similarly, sugar has also become extinct. They say that only when the supply is better will we be able to provide goods to the people. The traders say that we are compelled not to supply flour mills and the price of sugar is also high.

The owners' association, which has justified rising wheat prices, has also raised the price of flour from Rs 80 to Rs 85 per kg. It should be noted that a report last week said that the prices of flour, vegetables and medicines across the country have gone up. Flour mills in Lahore have stopped the supply of 20 and 15 kg flour bags while flour is being sold at Rs 80 per kg on mills.

Besides, the prices of vegetables in Lahore are also out of control. Garlic has gone up by Rs 700, onion and potato by Rs 70 per kg while tomato by Rs 120 per kg. In Peshawar, the price of a 20 kg bag of flour is Rs. The price of ginger in the city has gone up by Rs 700 and garlic by Rs 200. On the other hand, the government has increased the prices of 94 medicines, including life-saving drugs, by 262 per cent, while according to the weekly report of the Federal Bureau of Statistics, inflation has risen by 0.37 per cent in one week, followed by 9.04 per cent. Level has been reached.

According to the report, a 20 kg bag of flour has gone up by Rs 15, live chicken by Rs 22 and mutton by Rs 6.5 per kg in a week. Besides, prices of 22 items including pulses have gone up.

Six items, including sugar, became cheaper while prices of 23 items remained stable. According to the report, the prices of lentils have gone up by Rs 13, lentils by Rs 7, lentils by Rs 2.5 and lentils by Rs 2 per kg. Tomato prices have gone up by Rs 5 and garlic by Rs 4 per kg. Apparel prices, including prices, remain stable.

It may be recalled that in the last week of August, inflation had risen to 0.80 per cent, after which it had reached 9.47 per cent. According to the data released by the Bureau of Statistics, prices of 20 essential commodities rose in the last week of August. While prices of 6 commodities declined and prices of 25 essential commodities remained stable.

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