Bad News For people that are running TikTok through Vpn

Bad News For people that are running TikTok through Vpn 

VPN seeks court to shut down TikTok, seeks ban on other apps like TikTok

Lahore: The court was approached to stop tick talk through VPN. According to the details, the use of tick talk app was banned in Pakistan last week but some people use tick talk using VPN. After the ban, the use of tick-tock via proxy and VPN was on the rise.

However, now the VPN has also approached the Lahore High Court for the closure of TikTok. Before the court, petitioner Nadeem Sarwar Advocate has taken a stand that tick talk is still being used even after the ban. He pointed out in the petition that many users are using tick talk through VPN, hence the petition. In order to ensure the implementation of the ban on TikTok, it is necessary to stop the use of VPN and also to stop the use of VPN.

The petition also said that the users of TikTok are using the same app like, the use of such apps is increasing obscenity and crime, while the waste of valuable time is also increasing. It should be noted that according to the announcement made by the PTA last week, TikTok was immediately banned in Pakistan.

PTA officials said that the administration has been written several times to remove objectionable and inappropriate content but it has not been implemented. After which, it has been decided to ban the app in Pakistan. According to the TikTok administration was given a deadline to submit a reply. Tick   tock was banned for not resolving complaints.

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