Do you dare to sleep in capsules hanging in the air at elevation?

Do you dare to sleep in capsules hanging in the air at elevation?

Would you prefer to sleep in a transparent or transparent capsule that hangs high on the mountain?


Yes, this awesome adventure is being offered by Peru's Skylodge Adventures Suites - these capsule-like rooms are set high on a cliff side in the Peru Valley.


If you are brave, you can access these capsules after ascending to a height of 400 meters - and only one trail will be helped to climb that height.


 Spending the night in this capsule, you can see the charming and beautiful skyline of the surrounding valley and the starry sky.


Sky Lodge manager Natalia Rodriguez says the purpose of creating these dramatic lodges was to "offer a unique experience that combines nature with guests and makes them realize what a luxury really can be.


This adventure-rich lodge is the brainchild of a company called Natura Vive - night guests in this capsule can return to Earth with zip wires.


These capsules contain comfortable beds - bathrooms and dining areas - the beds in the capsule are covered with pillows and blankets - the capsules are designed to withstand the harshness of the weather. -


The capsule costs $ 400 per person, which includes dinner and other accessories besides breakfast - though those who do not want to spend the night are offered lunch by the company. And receive $ 237 under its credit.


Peru is home to natural wonders and ancient ruins - two sites including the UNESCO World Heritage Site, the former royal capital of Casco and the 15th-century Inca Fort Machu Picchu.

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